Welcome to the official website of "The Amnis Initiative".

Amnis, in Latin: "Broad, deep flowing, rapid water; stream, torrent, river; ocean; liquid; current."
The Amnis Initiative: Instrumental music for a new era. Sit down, close your eyes, and flow with the music.


The Amnis Initiative's debut on the internet. This stand-alone single was released as a download only, available on iTunes, Amazon and many other online stores in 2009. Breeze is not part of any album.

Breeze's dreamy melody dances like a playful child through the forests of your mind.


Download: amnismusic AM 45161
UPC: 859702245161
Release date: August 22, 2009


Enjoy the music on YouTube.


1. Breeze 4:18


Amnis (a.k.a. The Amnis Initiative)

Performed and produced by The Amnis Initiative.

Art direction / design by Lime Mixed Media.
Photography: D.F. Lodewijks

For any form of licensing, please contact us directly at:
licensing @ amnismusic.com

Thanks to: Sufian, Yvonne, Cherry and Sjanne

(c) 2009 Lime Mixed media