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Amnis, in Latin: "Broad, deep flowing, rapid water; stream, torrent, river; ocean; liquid; current."
The Amnis Initiative: Instrumental music for a new era. Sit down, close your eyes, and flow with the music.

Sanctuary Rising cover design

Sanctuary Rising

Sanctuary Rising is available on the world's major digital music outlets, including iTunes, Google Play and Amazon.com, for downloading or streaming.

Twelve engaging tracks of melodic electronic music explore what happens when a group of people has been forced to make a new beginning in a world that is entirely new to them.


Download: amnismusic AM 81906
EAN: 0608939581906
Advance release (bandcamp): April 5, 2014
Official release (iTunes, Amazon, Google Play): April 9, 2014


Downloads and streaming are available from most of the large online retailers, including the following:
Bandcamp mp3 / flac
Amazon.com mp3
Amazon.fr mp3
Amazon.de mp3
Amazon.co.uk mp3

With many more to follow soon...

Note: A 5.1 surround mix of this track is included as a bonus on the surround DVD and FLAC files of the CINEMATIC album.


1. Out of the Darkness4:04
2. Emergence5:53
3. Rediscovery of the Cosmos  5:40
4. Velocity4:44
5. The Innocent3:32
6. Misty Plains7:32
7. One Special Night3:29
8. Tales of a Past World7:40
9. Déjà Vu6:13
10. Crisis5:07
11. The First Day6:41
12. Epilogue 2:43


Enjoy excerpts of each track on YouTube.

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Sanctuary Rising
The Amnis Initiative

Composed, performed and produced by D. F. Lodewijks.

Recorded between February 2013 and March 2014 at the Track 14 Studio in The Netherlands.
Instruments: Roland, Korg, Yamaha, Teisco, Lexicon.

Waterfall sounds recorded at the Haselbach fall in Uderns, Zillertal, Austria.

Art direction / design by Lime Mixed Media.

Photography: D. F. Lodewijks.

Special thanks to Yvonne, Sufian, Bart, Cherry and Robert.

(c) 2014 Lime Mixed media
(p) 2014 D.F. Lodewijks