Welcome to the official website of "The Amnis Initiative".

Amnis, in Latin: "Broad, deep flowing, rapid water; stream, torrent, river; ocean; liquid; current."
The Amnis Initiative: Instrumental music for a new era. Sit down, close your eyes, and flow with the music.

Solar Transit

A hypnotic track of cosmic space music. This stand-alone single was released as a download only, available on iTunes, Amazon, Google Playstore and many other online stores and streaming services in 2015. Solar Transit is not part of any album.

Note: A 5.1 surround mix of this track is included as a bonus on the surround DVD and FLAC files of the CINEMATIC album.


Download: amnismusic AM 81913
EAN: 0608939581913
Release date: December 4, 2015


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1. Solar Transit 5:58


Solar Transit
The Amnis Initiative

Composed by D. F. Lodewijks
Performed by The Amnis Initiative

Recorded between September and November 2015 at the Track 14 Studio in The Netherlands. Instruments: Roland, Yamaha, Lexicon.

Art direction / design by Lime Mixed Media.

Thanks to Bart, Yvonne, Sufian.

(c) 2015 Lime Mixed media
(p) 2015 D.F. Lodewijks